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The Naturally Clean Home, 2nd Edition (Storey Books, 2008)

A Selection of Crossings, Black Expressions, Children's Book-of-the-Month Club, Doubleday Book Club, Crafter's Choice, HomeStyle, The Good Cook, One Spirit and BOMC2 Book Clubs


Happy Baby, Happy You : Quick Tips for Nurturing, Pampering, and Bonding with Your Baby (Storey Books, 2009)

Set Of 3 Olde-Time Heartland Books
Old-Time Heartland Country Wisdom (Publications International, 2010)


Books Contributed to:

An Herbal Feast, by Risa Mornis, Keats Publishing, 1998
500 Treasured Country Recipes, Storey Books 2000
Strengthen Your Immune System, Readers Digest Books, 2002
Disease Prevention and Treatment, LEF Publications, 2006

Other Books:

The Naturally Clean Home (Storey Books, 1999)

50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Baby (Storey Books, 2000)


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