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Karyn Maier is a freelance writer specializing in natural health and complementary therapies.  She has written for many industry and consumer publications in both new and traditional media, including Whole Life Health, ePregnancy, Fitness Link, Club Mom, Let's Live, Natural Living Today, Real Woman, The Herb Quarterly, Your Health, American Fitness, Mother Earth News, Delicious!, Better Nutrition, Natural Pharmacy and Energy Times. She is also the author of several books, which are published in four languages.

In terms of online content, Karyn has produced more than 700 articles on topics that range from natural health and green living to business, finance and law. Her work is published with National Geographic, Tyra Banks' Type F, Livestrong and Legal Zoom

Ms. Maier is frequently interviewed as an expert by magazines, including Alternative Medicine, Natural Health, First for Women, and Real Simple. She has also been a guest on several radio talk shows such as Gary Null's Natural Living, The Deborah Ray Show and Martha Stewart Living.

Karyn has filled many roles in the online social networking and media segments, both in community development and content production. She has been a Web Producer with Spirituality & Health Magazine, Managing Editor with ClubSpaces, Inc., an Online Community Coordinator with Lycos and Consensus Health and a Web Editor with SelfGrowth.com.

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